Installing the Agave CLI

The Agave API comes bundled with a set of command line scripts. Using these scripts is generally easier than hand-crafting cURL commands, but if you prefer that route, consult the Agave API Documentation. We include these scripts in our SDK and supplement them with additional support scripts, example files, and documents.

To begin, open up a terminal window and navigate to a directory where you would like to organize this work.

Run the Installer command

curl -L | sh

Reload your .bashrc

source ~/.bashrc

The installer should automatically export the /cyverse-cli/bin PATH to your ~/.bashrc. But if you are using the terminal app on a Mac, you may need to add the PATH to your ~/.bash_profile so that each new terminal session knows the location. I recommend adding the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:

if [ -r ~/.bashrc]; then
source ~/.bashrc

This will cause your ~/.bash_profile to source the ~/.bashrc when you open the Terminal app, and the API commands will be immediately available to you.

Verify that the CLI is available

Entering cyverse-sdk-info should return a response resembling this:

Cyverse CLI v1.4.6
For use with
    Agave API: v2/2.2.0+

Updating the SDK

In the future, you can update the CyVerse CLI automatically to the latest version by typing

cyverse-sdk-info --update

Finally, verify that the Agave CLI has been added to the PATH by executing:

which tenants-init

The path to the Agave CLI should appear, e.g.:


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